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Vigour Back Supports

• Replaces wheelchair backrest upholstery
• Lightweight and durable to meet the daily
lifestyle demands of active wheelchair clients
• Back angle and seat depth can be adjusted with
the client in the wheelchair
• Supplied with an additional positioning kit which
includes lateral stability wedges and lumbar pad
for individual settings
• Four durable hardware attachments are fixed to
the wheelchair backrest canes delivering ultimate
strength and stability
• Ventilated spacer-fabric and shell system increases
air flow through the backrest offering daily comfort
• Available in 5 sizes: Low, Mid, High and
High Extended
• Vigour Low backrest offers ideal sacral and lumbar
support for unrestricted upper body movement
• Vigour Mid backrest distributes mid thoracic
support with scapular subtractions for unimpeded
arm function
• Vigour High Backrest is suited for users requiring
maximum trunk and shoulder support
• Vigour High Extended backrest is identical to the
High backrest yet has an additional 50mm height
for taller users
• Extensive modular accessories and options available;including laterals, headrests and harnesses.

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Code Type Wheelchair Width Backrest Height Max User Weight
1201 1610 Low  40cm 270 mm 113kg
1201 1710 Low  43cm 270 mm 113kg
1201 1810  Low  46cm  280 mm 113kg
1201 2010 Low  51cm 280 mm 113kg
1202 1620 Mid  40cm 410 mm 113kg
1202 1720 Mid  43cm 440 mm  113kg
1202 1820 Mid  46cm  440 mm  113kg
1202 2020 Mid  51cm 440 mm  113kg
1203 1630 High  40cm 510 mm 113kg
1203 1730  High  43cm 510 mm 113kg
1203 1830 High  46cm  510 mm 113kg
1203 2030 High  51cm 510 mm 113kg
1204 1640 High Extended 40cm 585 mm 113kg
1204 1740 High Extended 43cm 585 mm 113kg
1204 1840 High Extended 46cm  585 mm 113kg
1204 2040 High Extended 51cm 585 mm 113kg

Other sizes available