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RGK Sports Wheelchairs

High Performance Sports Wheelchairs to enhance your competitive edge!

Every athlete is unique and we understand the importance of having a sports wheelchair made to fit you perfectly and to support your individual needs.

From entry level wheelchair sports, to professional wheelchair basketball and wheelchair tennis, RGK's range of premium custom built wheelchairs are designed to maximise your performance!

Be confident that your active wheelchair has been engineered to maximise your potential, so you are free to concentrate on your game, your goals and on your victory!

Elite Sports Wheelchair
High Performance Basketball Wheelchair

Countdown clock is on and your team is down by one, time is ticking. Coach gives you the play. You nailed it in practice all week, time to put it into action. Train hard, win easy. The 7020 aluminium frame with 45mm straight camber tube provides the most rigid and responsive drive to maximise your performance. Individual measurements and specifications ensure a perfect match to your playing style. Your chair takes you where you need. The crowd is cheering but you only have one thing on your mind. Pressure shot. No issue.

Club Sports Wheelchair
A team above all, Above all a team Ready to play? 

Feeling inspired to take up a wheelchair sport but don’t want to make a major commitment just yet? Club Sport is the chair for you! An entry level sports chair that is economical and ready to go when you are. Customisable with your own embroidery or logo and compatible with any court sport. Its range of sizes and adjustments also make it ideal for sport clubs and schools.

Grandslam Sports Wheelchair
High End Sports Tennis Wheelchair

Time to focus on the task at hand, nothing else matters. Giving you the speed of turn, outstanding acceleration and optimal support and positioning the Grand Slam Racquet strings are tight and your chair fits perfectly. The lightweight frame and knee support system optional shin guard supports mean you can react fast to any solid return and guarantees to deliver the performance your training has paved the way for. Everything is engineered for you. Everything else is instinct. The point is yours. Game, set and match.

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