Able Rehabilitation Equipment
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R211030 Romedic Easy Slide

• Assists lying transfers between bed and x-ray or operating tables, shower trolleys,
stretchers etc
• Also used for turning clients in bed
• Top removable protective layer is made of polyester and padded with microfibers to
reduce static electricity
• Unique low friction inner surface reduces friction so that, with a very simple hand grip
and minimum strength, the carer can transfer clients on practically any surface
• Without unnecessary lifting, it provides a gentle, safe and comfortable transfer for the
client and carer
• For training videos and further information go to

Also Available:
• R211085 Easy Slide Wall Rack - to conveniently store Easy Slides and Disposable Covers
• R211055 Disposable Covers for R211030 Easy Slide - Biodegradable polyethylene for
superior hygiene; ideal for multi client use. 50pcs/roll, 2 rolls/pack

Width: 60cm
Length: 190cm
Other sizes available- please enquire