Able Rehabilitation Equipment
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Kings Cutlery Handles


No Code Handle Type Details Length Weight
1 H5536  Standard Handle  A simple and versatile handle 110mm  30g
2 H5539  Heavyweight Handle Similar to H5536 but has the hollow core filled with a non-toxic metal bar
to create heavier handle for those with a tremor or unsteady hands
110mm  145g
3 H5535  Contoured Handle Contoured for a comfortable grip  120mm  65g
4 H5540  DoubleEnded Handle
with Strap
Aperture in both ends allow two utensils to be used on the same handle. Supplied with a transparent elastic polyurethane strap, with adjusting holes and fixing spigot 110mm  35g
5 H5543  Slim Handle Has an oval cross section. Also used for the core of the vari-grip sleeves 105mm  20g
6 H5544  Mushroom Handle Round knob style handle is easy to grip for those with weak or painful joints 45mm  45g
7 H5542  Custom MadeHandle  Handle is customised by means of a metal inner core and modelling material
to create a unique individual shape
N/A 80g
8 H5538  Slim Lightweight Handle Made from sculptured closed cell foam for those unable to use standard
weight handles
110mm  15g
9 H5537  Lightweight Handle Similar to H5538 but wider in diameter  120mm  15g
10 H5541  Lightweight Double Ended
Handle with Strap
Similar to H5540 but the handle is made of sculptured closed cell foam 115mm  15g
No Code Sleeve Type Details Length Weight
11 H5546 Small Grip Contoured PVC Sleeve. Fits onto Slim Handle 110mm 20g
12 H5547 Large Grip Contoured PVC Sleeve. Fits onto Slim Handle 110mm 45g
13 H5545 Oval Grip Contoured PVC Sleeve. Fits onto Slim Handle 105mm 20g
No Code Angle Adaptor Details Length Weight
14 H5534 Angle Adaptor (Pack of 3) Adds extra length and a 30 degree angle to any utensil 65mm 10g