Able Rehabilitation Equipment
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Kings Cutlery Heads

• Comprehensive and modular cutlery range to suit the individual needs
of the client
• Integrated utensils are hygienic, non corroding and dishwasher safe
• Each utensil is mounted

Item No Code Type Length Weight
1 H5528  Nelson Knife 110mm  25g
2 H5520  Knife  114mm  15g
3 H5533  Large Rocker Knife 70mm  45g
4 H5530  Angled Knife 55mm  25g
5 H5529  Small Rocker Knife 38mm  15g
6 H5527  Splayed  95mm  20g
7 H5521  Fork  104mm  20g
8 H5531R  Angled Fork Right 95mm  15g
9 H5531L  Angled Fork Left 95mm  15g
10 H5522  Standard Spoon 105mm  30g
11 H5526  Soup Spoon 95mm  30g
12 H5523  Junior Spoon 90mm  25g
13 H5524 Teaspoon  84mm  20g
14 H5532R  Angled Spoon Right  100mm  30g
15 H5532L  Angled Spoon Left  100mm  30g
16 H5518  Soft Coated Spoon 107mm  40g