Able Rehabilitation Equipment
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Jay 2 Back Support

• Replaces wheelchair back upholstery
• Designed for the client who has mild
to moderate postural and lateral
support needs
• Lightweight contoured aluminium
shell and contoured foam insert
• Positions the pelvis correctly and
promotes correct posture
• Shape and size minimises
interference with upper extremity
functional activities
• Adjustable height and backrest
angle (up to 15°) provides
optimal positioning
• Creates minimal loss of seat depth
• Supplied with breathable Air Exchange cover
• Additional accessories and options available. 

Contact a Product Specialist for further information.

Code        Dimensions                  To Suit Wheelchair Size       Max User Weight

J2518K     15 x 16.5"(38 x 42cm)   15-16" (38-41cm)              113kg
J2519K     16 x 16.5"(40 x 42cm)   16-17" (41-43cm)              113kg
J2520K     17 x 16.5"(43 x 42cm)   17-18" (43-46cm)              113kg
Other sizes available