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Helio C2

What a folding wheelchair should be.
Every little detail of the Helio was specifically optimized to help you go farther! Our wheelchair lets you minimize the risk of long-term shoulder and joint injuries by alleviating the energy needed to propel. Whether you push it forward or lift it in the trunk of a car, the helio C2 gives you more freedom!

26% lighter than the competition.
The Helio changed the way we see wheelchairs thanks to outstanding performance and unrivaled lightness. We are doing it again with the C2, lowering our own trend-setting weight by 10%! Fully equipped, the Helio C2 is strikingly lighter than the competition with a 9 pounds difference.

The lowest seat-to-floor height.
The innovative frame design of the Helio C2 lets you achieve a super low 34.3cm seat-to-floor height with a 4” caster on a standard frame. That’s the same frame that can go up to 54cm.

Truly innovative armrest.
Our new composites lightweight armrest quickly converts from flip-back to single post for easier configuration. Height adjustments are just a flick away thanks to a simple trigger system. On top of this, experience safer transfers with our enhanced rubber grip finish.

Get more mileage out of your energy.
Everybody benefits from an easier to propel wheelchair. Featuring an entirely symmetrical hydroformed crossbrace, oval shaped tubes and oversized pivot axles, our unique Ultrarigid Folding System (UFS) maximizes frame rigidity and energy conservation.

Carbon Fiber: The ultimate sophistication.
We use the same high quality material used in F1 and aerospacen to design and build the lightest wheelchairs on earth. Our T700 high-modulus carbon fiber is unrivaled when it comes to strength and rigidity. This means our frame is not only ultra-light, but also exceptionally strong.

High-Modulus Carbon T700 - The lightest and most rigid material available, also renowned for its vibration dampening properties.

Rigid Unibody Frame - A unibody frame is much stronger and needs less maintenance than a standard two-part frame. It also reduces weight while maximizing propulsion efficiency.

Symmetrical Hydroformed Crossbrace 3D - Entirely symmetrical carbon fiber crossbrace for reduced torsion and a better distribution of forces throughout the frame.

Ultrarigid Folding System - Extremely precise tolerances and oversized pivot axles for best-in-class propulsion efficiency.

Forged Vertical Axleplate + - Offers the most precise rear wheel adjustability of the industry. The vertical mounting maximizes rigidity and responsiveness.

Evolve caster housing - Imbedded inside the frame for rock solid durability, the Evolven Caster Housing offers easy and precise infinite adjustments.

Newton Accessories - The whole range of newton accessories are designed to be light and offer improved functionalities.

About Motion Composites

Motion Composites is a Canadian based company specialised in designing and manufacturing a world class ultra lightweight manual wheelchair range.

Deploying the world’s most advanced technology, high-end materials and cutting-edge engineering, Motion Composites launched the first Helio wheelchair in 2008. In the process, it revolutionized how people think about wheelchairs.
Since its inception, Motion Composites has developed a family of innovative high-performance manual wheelchairs. Each wheelchair is the lightest in its class and has improved lives by providing enhanced mobility.
Between 2008 and 2016, Motion Composites have grown significantly and their product range now is available in 18 different countries including Australia.

Astris Lifecare is delighted to include the Motion Composites world class products in our portfolio. Please feel free to contact our Product Specialists for more information or to book in a trial.