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Fero Chair

The Fero relax chair has been especially designed for those in need of that extra special care. These chairs will allow the patient to feel exceptionally well-supported. 

Ergo-line versus Classic
Both Fero relax chairs are equipped with a specially designed recliner mechanism for use within the healthcare sector. They support all parts of the body while inclined in a “Zero-Gravity” position*.

- The Fero relax chair “Ergo-line” has a handle with similar function on both left and right sides of the chair. The handle is very easy to use in either a forward or backward direction. It can be put in an on/off position and will remain in that selected position. Whilst in the ON position, hands free 
movement allows an easy recline positioning. The seat, backrest, and legrest incline simultaneously and continuously until the “Zero-Gravity” position* is obtained.

- The Fero relax chair “Classic” can be easily adjusted by a light backwards push, without having to manipulate a handle. With this chair, the legrest moves upwards first, after which the whole seat can be inclined. Exactly like the synchro driven mechanism, any new position requires hardly any effort.

* “Zero-Gravity” position: This sitting/lying position is inspired by NASA data on a neutral physical position, which transforms all muscular strength into a biomedical equilibrium.

The Fero relax chair has been especially designed for those in need of that extra special care to which comfortable seating is of paramount importance. These chairs will allow the patient to feel exceptionally well-supported. In the various seating positions, the pressure of the body and the position of the limbs in relation to one another are taken into account. This produces less resistance and more comfort. With every change in position, the small of the back remains fully supported due to this ingenious mechanism. The complete support of the lower legs helps in the reduction of knee joints pressure as soon as the mechanism of the relax chair is activated. Moreover, in the “Zero-Gravity” position* the active pressure on the knees is negligible and pillows for back knee support are now superfluous to requirements. Finally, the adjustable neck cushion provides optimal support for neck and head.

Circulation and Respiration
Patients, particularly the elderly, often suffer from circulatory and respiratory disorders like arteriosclerosis, ateromathosis, venues ulcers, diabetes foot, cardiac insufficiency, pulmonary problems like emphysema, decreased lung capacity, etc. With a simple adjustment of our relax chair, positions can be easily changed, affecting the perfusion-ventilation ratio of the lungs with every change. The lung alveoli are stimulated resulting in a higher production of surfactants keeping the alveoli elastic and allowing a better oxygenation of the blood.

The changes in seating position, particularly the “Zero-Gravity” position*, ensure a stress-reduced blood circulation. Since legs and heart are almost on the same level, there is less build-up of venous pressure in the lower limbs. Consequently the legs feel less tired and in turn improve the healing process of possible chronic leg sores.

Pressure Reduction
The synchronized adjustment of the seat, backrest and legrest prevents “sliding” forward, and avoids unwanted pressure on the coccyx. The variation in density of the seat and backrest foam provides pressure distribution and also helps minimize the above-mentioned sliding movement. Pronounced inclination of the seat in the “Zero-Gravity” position* gives optimum support to the body and results in a marked decline in pressure related injuries.

Getting up
Moving from a sitting to a standing position is particularly patient-friendly with the Fero chair. The seat is high and the legrest folds back sufficiently to allow the feet to be placed well back to start an optimal standing movement. The wide and long armrests provide extra support when necessary.

There are so many accessories that can be accommodated by our Fero chair collection including an anatomical reductor, extra locking, IV rod, detachable headrests, upholstered armrests, seats in viscoelastic foam, etc., all of which extend the possibilities of application. Both seat types can also be fitted with a synthetic dinner tray that is light weight, strong, shock-resistant and easy to attach.

Product Code Category Product Description
ED3420 Ergo-line Wooden Relax chair on castors with lowerable armrests
ED3600 Classic Wooden Relax chair on castors with lowerable armrests
ED3410 Ergo-line Wooden Relax chair on castors 
ED3590 Classic Wooden Relax chair on castors 
ED3390 Ergo-line Wooden Relax chair 
ED3580 Classic Wooden Relax chair 
ED3260 Wooden Tilt rest chair
ED3440 Wooden Rest chair
ED3370 Metal Relax chair on castors with lowerable armrests
ED3250 Metal Relax chair without castors with lowerable armrests
ED3380 Metal Relax chair on castors 
ED3240 Metal Relax chair 
ED3460 Metal Tilt rest chair on castors with lowerable armrests
ED3450 Metal Tilt rest chair without castors with lowerable armrests
ED3270 Metal Tilt rest chair
ED3280 Metal Rest chair
ED3210 Metal Fero Bariatric

Download Fero Chair Brochure
astris_lifecare_fero_seating_brochure_final_2017_web.pdf astris_lifecare_fero_seating_brochure_final_2017_web.pdf (3.98 MB)