Able Rehabilitation Equipment
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• A unique non-slip material that can be used in many applications
• Solves many of the stabilisation and gripping problems encountered by those with limited dexterity, restricted mobility
and reduced wrist or upper limb strength
• Dycem products, which grip on both sides, are not sticky but grip to any surface without the use of an adhesive
• Product range consists of mats and material on a reel that can easily be cut to size
• Anchor Mats are moulded, while Reels are thinner for more flexibility
• All Dycem products are latex free and washable in warm soapy water

Code Description Length Width
H6812  Dycem Anchor Mat 190mm Diameter  n/a
H6814  Dycem Anchor Mat 250mm  180mm
H6816  Dycem Anchor Mat 350mm 250mm
H6830 Dycem Reel 2m  200mm
H6834  Dycem Reel 9m  200mm
H6840  Dycem Reel 2m  400mm
H6844  Dycem Reel 9m  400mm